Safe because we care.

EPT™ Shield is an eco-protect layer with NO harmful substance, highly resistant to
scratches and wearing. NOX guarantees your flooring to stay safe, strong, and durable
with EPT Shield.

is proven to be SAFE.
Without using Nano silver (controversial to be harmful for human health), NOX EPT™ anti-bacterial ingredient removes 99.9% of bacteria. EPT™ anti-bacterial ingredient is proven to be safe by US EPA registered.
* US EPA: US Environmental Protection Agency

Elimination process of MRSA* proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria

Protected with NOX EPT™ Shield coating

Unprotected Surface

*MRSA In our everyday lives, we constantly come into contact with a variety of bacteria, some of which are particularly harmful to our health, including, for example, methicillin resistant


Superior scratch-resistance proven to be highly durable against scratches

NOX EPT™ Shield coating

Regular PU coating