How many layers are inside your LVT?

Only an integrated multi-layer structure can ensure long-term supreme dimensional stability.
Despite the complexity, all of NOX products are multi-layered, in a customized way.
Built to last.

NOX LVT has different
structure that is more
NOX’s outstanding expertise in IVP can develop highly customized multi-layer structure for which each and every layers are uniquely formulated. Its EMT™ Core structure ensures long-term supreme dimensional stability.
(Dimensional stability tests at 80°C for 6 hours : Less than 0.07% variation)

The most stable LVT structure

Dimensional Stability ISO 23999
ECO - Friendly

The most eco-friendly LVT structure

TVOC Test(Agbb) – ISO 16000-6&9 (28days, ㎍/ m² )