NOX Premium Roll Sheet LVS⁺ 3.2T / 4.5T

LVS+ 3.2T / 4.5T

Certified flooring solution with Quiet Mark, the UK's Noise Abatement Society's mark of approval for superior noise reduction

LVS+ is the first and most sustainable, high-performance premium roll sheet flooring made with
carbon-reducing raw materials that are safe for both humans and the environment, redefining the sustainability standards of flooring.

Meet NOX LVS+ : Realistic Stylishness, Practical Protection and Sustainable Innovation
  • EPT

    EPT™ Shield

    • Safe and strong 2-fold LVT surface coating technology
    • Anti-bacterial coating with superior
  • EMT

    EPT™ Core

    • Stable and eco-friendly LVT core technology
    • Unique multi-layer structure with supreme
      dimensional stability
  • quietmark


    • Certified by UK Noise Abatement Society
    • tested in environment that closely resemble life settings
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LVS+ 3.2T / 4.5T Difference Specialties

  • The world's first and most sustainable flooring
    NOX utilizes carbon-reducing raw materials, ensuring safety for both families and the environment.
    LVS+, utilizes carbon-reducing raw materials, ensuring safety for both families and the environment. The raw materials are certified with ISCC PLUS, signifying compliance with The Renewable Energy Directive (RED) of the European Union.
    • Bio-Circular Balanced PVC
      A sustainable raw material produced from discarded resources like waste cooking oil reduces carbon emissions by 114% compared to conventional PVC
    • Eco-friendly
      Phthalate-Free Plasticizer
      Eco-friendly plasticizers made from recycled PET bottles, setting an industry-first while enhancing safety and sustainability
    NOX redefines the sustainability standard of flooring and leads global LVT flooring sustainability innovation by expanding the percentage of carbon-reducing materials to the world’s highest level and producing 100% easily recyclable floorings only.
  • More durable and hygienic, NOX EPT™ Shield and EMT™ Core technology
    LVS 1.8 T EPTTM Shield/EMTTM Core
    • EPT™ Shield
      The eco-labeled premium matte coating with zero heavy metal content.
      Highly hygienic, resistant to mold, discoloration, and contamination,
      and easy to clean and maintain, while providing a natural and
      realistic feeling of touch and a premium matte-finished texture.
    • EMT™ Core
      NOX exclusive multi-layer structure technology offers globally proven
      superior durability, dimensional stability and consistency of thickness
      eliminating differences in floor height.
    일반마루 곰팡이 번식 ,녹수 LVS+ 곰팡이 번식 방지
  • The first sound absorption solution, UK QUIET MARK certified flooring
    With NOX’s own EMT™ Core multilayered structure and SOUNDPROTEC acoustics performance technology, LVS⁺ is Korea’s first flooring to have received QUIET MARK – an international certification that global leading brands share.
    QUIET MARK UK Noise Abatement Society
      Quiet Mark is the independent, international approval award programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation. Through scientific testing and assessment, Quiet Mark identifies the quietest products in a given category, giving consumers more informed choices about the products they buy. The Quiet Mark scheme drives designers and manufacturers to reduce sound levels in their products, enabling consumers to enjoy a less stressful domestic soundscape.
      QUIET MARK >>
    QUIET MARK NOX Premium Roll Sheet LVS⁺ 4.5T
  • World’s first highly elastic 3-layered cushion, unparallel foot comfort and impact absorption
    Innovative Highly Elastic 3-layered Cushion Structure
    NOX Premium Roll Sheet LVS⁺ 4.5T cushion structure comparison to competitor’s 5T roll sheet
    NOX LVS+ is the first flooring to apply a highly elastic 3-layered cushion in a thickness that is 20% thinner than the typical product with a 2-layered cushion. This innovative structure gives NOX LVS⁺ its outstanding impact absorption and resilience.
    Foot Comfort and Joint Protection
    NOX Premium Roll Sheet LVS⁺ 3 layered cushion foot comfort
    NOX LVS+ structured with a highly elastic 3-layered cushion, provides outstanding foot comfort, 2.3 times higher impact absorption, and safety for all family members by offering joint protection for the elderly, reducing danger for children, and preventing patella dislocation in pets.
  • More unique and natural, designs / Embossed-In-Register / Rustic Edge
    Realistic Designs with Emboss-In-Register and Rustic Edge
    Realistic Designs with Emboss-In-Register and Rustic Edge
    • With NOX's Embossed-In-Register applied, LVS⁺ has highly realistic designs that closely resemble the original material's texture: wood grain, tile grout lines, fabric texture, etc. In addition, with Rustic Edge first developed by NOX, it is able to create detail interior by more natural wood textures.
    More Unique, State-of-the-Art Designs
  • Through this LVS⁺ collection, NOX's In-house global design team introduces unique designs – the first terrazzo design for sheet flooring, differentiated versions of natural material designs, such as herringbone wood, ceramic tile, bianco carrara, and more.

  • More Natural, ‘GRANDE Design’ that resembles Solid Wood Floorings
  • NOX Premium Roll Sheet LVS⁺ roll sheet GRANDE design
    Apply ‘GRANDE Design’ to give a spacious effect with enlarged wood planks.
    NOX’s Embossed-In-Register adds further reality in material texture with emboss
    that closely fits the design.
  • Much quieter and safer, exceptional noise absorption and slip resistance
    Impact Absorption Test Results
    NOX LVS+ has 2.3 times higher impact resistance than typical wood floorings. The exceptional high-density cushion layer with NOX EMT™ Core Technology absorbs the physical impact on the foot at a high level and provides excellent foot comfort.
    NOX Premium Roll Sheet LVS⁺ superior impact resistance
    Slip Resistance Test Results
    NOX LVS+ has 1.5 times higher slip resistance than typical wood floorings, making the floor safer in everyday use.
    NOX Premium Roll Sheet LVS⁺ excellent slip resistance
    Slip Resistance? Non-slip surface coating guarantees safety. Flooring with a higher slip resistance coefficient is more slip-resistant.

    ※ Test Center : KICP
    ※ Test Standard : KS M 3510, KS M 3802 O-YㆍPSM test method
    ※ Test Value : Coefficient of slip resistance (C.S.RㆍB)
    ※ Test Condition : Barefoot, wet surface (water sprayed in 400g/𝑚^2 proportion)
  • Much easier, cleaning and maintenance
    Easier cleaning and maintenance
    LVS⁺ is highly resistant to external contamination between seams.

    NOX Premium Roll Sheet LVS⁺ seam contamination resistance
    Eco-friendly flooring with perfect hygie
    LVS⁺ is eco-friendly, hygienic flooring that is mold-resistant and free of phthalate and heavy metals.

    NOX Premium Roll Sheet LVS⁺ mold resistance
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