Engineered to combine minerals with polymers, hybrid stone flooring that exceeds ceramic and natural stone
  • EPT

    EPT™ Shield

    • Safe and strong 2-fold LVT surface coating technology
    • Anti-bacterial coating with superior
  • EMT

    EMT™ Core

    • Stable and eco-friendly LVT core technology
    • Unique multi-layer structure with supreme
      dimensional stability

    EPT Shield+

    • High performance surface coating technology
    • Industry no.1 stain resistance and better
      anti-slip function


    • Advanced solid core technology for LVT
    • High impact resistance, increased stability,
      superior profile strength and waterproof
      function, while being lightweight
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Difference Specialties

Stronger but Lighter :
Stronger durability and higher compression strength (over 1,500 PSI), while being more lightweight
Realistic Look of Natural Stone and Infinite Array of Designs :
NOX’s 4,000+ in-house designs
Harmless antimicrobial coating (without nanosilver) that offers superior antibacterial and antifungal properties
Easier to Install :
Convenient installation methods (glue-down, click, built-in-grout) available at reduced cost
Perfectly rectangular-precise dimensions showcase perfect rectangular angles
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