SUPREMLAY⁺/SUPREMCLICK⁺ is the industry’s most outstanding rigid core flooring that consolidates NOX’s two patented core technologies, NOXGENESIS and MCT
  • EPT

    EPT™ Shield

    • Safe and strong 2-fold LVT surface coating technology
    • Anti-bacterial coating with superior
  • EMT

    EMT™ Core

    • Stable and eco-friendly LVT core technology
    • Unique multi-layer structure with supreme
      dimensional stability

    EPT Shield+

    • High performance surface coating technology
    • Industry no.1 stain resistance and better
      anti-slip function


    • Advanced solid core technology for LVT
    • High impact resistance, increased stability,
      superior profile strength and waterproof
      function, while being lightweight
  • MCT


    • Matrix core technology
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  • Only and unique multi-layer structure
    Employed NOX’s patented core technologies, NOXGENESIS and MCT
    Fiberglass stabilization layer delivers optimal dimensional stability and heat resistance
  • No telegraphing over subfloor imperfection
    Eliminates subfloor telegraphing over cracks or imperfect surfaces
  • Stronger with better impact resistance and waterproof function
    Recorded more than 2,000 PSI at 1.8m(5.9ft) height (EN 16511)
    Strengthened waterproof function
  • Lighter, quieter, and more comfortable than conventional SPC
    20% lighter than SPC – easier to carry and more efficient to transport, reducing installation cost and time
    Employed NOX SOUNDPROTEC acoustics performance technology that acquired QUIET MARK
    Provides silent and softer underfoot feel
  • More diverse designs
    Over 5,000 in-house LVT designs and authentic embosses are applicable
    Exactly same designs can be applied to SUPREMLAY⁺, SUPREMCLICK⁺, and all NOX LVT flooring

Quiet Mark?

  • Korea’s first & only sound absorption flooring to receive QUIET MARK
    QUIET MARK UK Noise Abatement Society
      Quiet Mark is the independent, international approval award programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation. Through scientific testing and assessment, Quiet Mark identifies the quietest products in a given category, giving consumers more informed choices about the products they buy. The Quiet Mark scheme drives designers and manufacturers to reduce sound levels in their products, enabling consumers to enjoy a less stressful domestic soundscape.
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