Easiest with innovative technology
Internationally patented micro-suction technology ensures strong adherence to the flooring, providing exceptional waterproof performance that facilitates the easiest installation and maintenance. In addition, industry-leading No. 1 noise absorption technology is applied to prevent sound transmission in apartments, and carbon-reducing materials are used that are safe for both people and the environment.
  • EPT

    EPT™ Shield

    • Safe and strong 2-fold LVT surface coating technology
    • Anti-bacterial coating with superior
  • EMT

    EMT™ Core

    • Stable and eco-friendly LVT core technology
    • Unique multi-layer structure with supreme
      dimensional stability

    EPT Shield+

    • High performance surface coating technology
    • Industry no.1 stain resistance and better
      anti-slip function
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Difference Specialties

  • Easiest, fastest installation and maintenance, saving costs

    • The internationally patented micro-suction technology strongly adheres to the flooring, providing exceptional waterproofing and the easiest installation and maintenance
  • Advanced noise reduction technology providing the best foot comfort

    Advanced noise reduction technology
  • The world's first and most sustainable flooring with carbon-reducing materials

    NOX ACOUSTIC SETAGRIP utilizes carbon-reducing raw materials, ensuring safety for both families and the environment
    • Bio-Circular Balanced PVC
      A sustainable raw material produced from discarded resources like waste cooking oil reduces carbon emissions by 114% compared to conventional PVC
    • Eco-friendly
      Phthalate-Free Plasticizer
      Eco-friendly plasticizers made from recycled PET bottles, setting an industry-first while enhancing safety and sustainability
    NOX redefines the sustainability standard of flooring and leads global LVT flooring sustainability innovation by expanding the percentage of carbon-reducing materials to the world’s highest level and producing 100% easily recyclable floorings only.
    Safe for humans by not requiring flooring glues
    Safe for humans by not requiring flooring glues
    Safe for the environment by being light weighted that lowers carbon emissions occurring during transportation

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Technical Information

  • Specifications
  • Test Result
  • Caution
technical information table
Brand Thickness [mm] Wear Layer [mm] Size [mm] Pcs/Box
ACOUSTIC SETGARIP 3.5 0.15 152.4 X 1219.2 (6" X 48") 16
3.5 0.15 457.2 X 457.2 (18" X 18") 14
  • ACOUSTIC SETAGRIP Installation Process
    1) Remove only half of the release film from the backing.
    2) Place the backing on the floor with half of the release film peeled back and folded.
    3) Adjust and position the backing at the desired location.
    4) After the positioning, peel away the remaining half of the release film.
    5) Press down firmly to secure the entire backing to the floor.
technical information Test Result table
Test Item Requirements Results TEST METHOD
Dimensions Length: ≤0.15%, Width: ≤0.10% (MAX: 0.5mm) Meets ISO 24342
Squareness ≤ 0.25mm Meets
Overall thickness Nominal value +0.18mm / -0.15mm
Average value ± 0,20 mm
Meets ISO 24346
Wear layer thickness +13% / -10% Meets ISO 24340
Total mass per unit area (average): g/m2 +13% / -11% Meets ISO 23997
Dimensional stability     ≤ |0.25| % Meets ISO 23999
ASTM F2199
Residual indentation ≤ 0.35mm (<0.35mm wear layer)
≤ 0.20mm (≥0.35mm wear layer)
Meets ISO 24343-1
Peel resistance strength (N/mm) ≥ 50 N/50 mm Meets ISO 24345
Castor chair resistance No damage after 25,000 rev Meets ISO 4918
Color fastness > 6 Meets ISO 105-B02,
Method 3b
ΔE < 8 Meets ASTM F1515
Heat resistance ΔE < 8 Meets ASTM F1514
Chemical resistance Not more than a slight change Meets ASTM F925
Noise reduction ΔLw : 20db ISO 10140-3
IIC 56
IIC 67 (Without dropceiling)
ASTM E492-09
Indoor Air Quality Floorscore, IAC Gold certified CDPH/EHLB Standard Method v1.2-2017
Key European requirements
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